September 19, 2014
The voice biometric software provider will showcase its new technology at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Fla.
August 10, 2014
July 17, 2014

VoiceKey OnePass

VoiceKey OnePass

SpeechPro presents VoiceKey.OnePass19 August 2013

SpeechPro presents VoiceKey.OnePass

Speechpro at the 2011 Biometric Consortium Conference

Speechpro at the 2011 Biometric Consortium Conference

Voice Recognition & Voice Identification - My Voice Is My Password - SpeechPro

Voice Authentication for Commercial Applications

  • VoiceKey – Intelligent Speaker Recognition Solutions for Call Centers and Mobile Applications
  • State-of-the-art mobile biometric security solution VoiceKey.OnePass: single tap multibiometric (voice+face) authentication in mobile environment



Audio Forensics

Audio forensics solutions from an industry leader

  • FAW – professional hardware and software set for advanced audio/speech signal analysis.

Voice Biometrics for Law Enforcements and Forensics

  • VoiceGrid ID – Large-scale single or multimodal biometric solution based on voice identification or a combination of voice identification and face recognition
  • VoiceGrid RT – real-time voice identification solution
  • VoiceGrid LN – automatic voice identification system for smaller or local area network applications

Noise Reduction and Audio Restoration

  • Sound Cleaner II - professional audio restoration and speech enhancement software
  • ANF II - portable noise filtering and audio recording station