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COMING SOON! Gnome-Nano II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder!
April 23, 2015

Gnome-Nano II is a subminiature digital stereo voice-recorder which is a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo recording of speech signals.
The recorder provides high-quality recording of speech signals in various situations and can be used to record conversations, meetings and interviews indoor and outdoor, including cases with difficult acoustic conditions.

SpeechPro to Release the Gnome P-II in Q2 of 2015!
April 15, 2015

SpeechPro to release the Gnome-P II in Q2 of 2015! The new updated version of the portable digital recorder offers 16GB of memory and up to 70 hours of recording time without changing the battery. In addition to being incredibly lightweight with extra small dimensions, the Gnome-P II is very user-friendly and allows a wide range of customers to easily record high-quality mono and stereo speech signals both indoors and outdoors.