VoiceKey.AGENT: Simple and convenient voice biometric solution for real time callers verification

Customers are demanding easier, faster, less cumbersome ways to authenticate access to critical financial, healthcare, and e-Commerce information. IT and security departments are requiring stronger, more complicated authentication methods to prevent fraud and abuse.

VoiceKey.AGENT solves both problems by using passive voice authentication, reducing the need for, or eliminating high strength passwords, PIN codes, secret questions, etc.

VoiceKey.AGENT uses voice biometrics to confirm customer identity during active calls with contact center agents.

VoiceKey.AGENT provides highest verification level by supporting both text-dependent and passive verification during call.

It adds a level of security to remote customer service. Passive verification  by voice is easy, fast and convenient for customers. Minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity on customer accounts

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VoiceKey.AGENT: a state of the art voice biometric security solution

  • Secure: Adds a high level of security to remote customer service
  • Fraudproof: Minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity on customer accounts
  • Non-intrusive: Verification by voice is easy, fast and convenient for customers
  • Flexible: Supports text independent verification
  • Voice biometric options: Continuous passive ID check. Identity verification by voice using spontaneous (unscripted) speech (text independent verification)
  • Speaker change detection: The call center agent confirms the identity of the caller throughout the call

How does VoiceKey.AGENT work?

  • MATCH When a call is received by the contact center, an ANI match is made to the customer database
  • IDENTIFY The customer’s file appears on the call center agent’s monitor, along with the verification window
  • VERIFY Continuous voice verification is performed throughout the call, with the result displayed in the customer’s file


  • 3-in-1 biometric solution
  • SaaS and server-based solutions
  • SNR – 7 dB
  • Speaker change detection
Speaker Authentication   Liveness Detection