VoiceKey.WEBACCESS: Voice + Face Biometric Authentication Online

Complex passwords or cumbersome dongles are now obsolete. Biometric technology offers a secure and user friendly solution to authenticate online. The combination of voice verification and facial recognition guarantees high accuracy of authentication with a simple interface that utilizes hardware readily available on every smartphone and laptop.

Now you can supplement or replace traditional authentication online with VoiceKey.WebAccess

Easy Enrollment on your PC, Mobile or Tablet in less than a minute.

  • Position your face on the screen using integrated camera
  • Click on Icon when in position
  • Read random numbers prompted on screen


Product Library:


VoiceKey.WEBACCESSVoiceKey.WebAccess offers unparalleled biometric security solution

  • VoiceKey.WEACCESS triple checks identity
    • Voice authentication
    • Facial recognition
    • Liveness detection
  • Protect. Protects private or paid content, corporate networks and personal data.
  • Verify. Supplements or replaces traditional online verification methods.
  • Simplify. Standard PC microphones and cameras provide excellent facial images and voiceprints.

How does VoiceKey.WEBACCESS work?

  • ADD WebAccess can be added or replace traditional password logins
  • ENROLL To enroll, take one picture and record 3 short utterances (passwords)
  • COLLECT When a user tries to access a secure service  WebAccess asks him to pronounce a password and takes a smartphone picture of his face at the same time multi-biometric data collection in just one click
  • PROCESS The voice and image templates are formatted algorithmically and sent to the cloud for processing
  • ACCESS If the matching results are positive, the user gains access; if not, access is denied
High accuracy due to facial
& voice biometrics fusion
< 1 min for enrollment
5 sec for verification
Photo, video or audio
can not be used for