Voice Recognition & Voice Identification - My Voice Is My Password - SpeechPro

Voice Authentication for Commercial Applications

  • VoiceKey – Intelligent Speaker Recognition Solutions for Call Centers and Mobile Applications
  • State-of-the-art mobile biometric security solution VoiceKey.OnePass: single tap multibiometric (voice+face) authentication in mobile environment



Audio Forensics

Audio forensics solutions from an industry leader

Voice Biometrics for Law Enforcements and Forensics

  • VoiceGrid ID – Large-scale single or multimodal biometric solution based on voice identification or a combination of voice identification and face recognition
  • VoiceGrid RT – real-time voice identification solution
  • VoiceGrid LN – automatic voice identification system for smaller or local area network applications

Noise Reduction and Audio Restoration

  • Sound Cleaner II - professional audio restoration and speech enhancement software
  • ANF II - portable noise filtering and audio recording station