World’s first nationwide Voice Identification System deployed in Mexico by Speech Technology Center (Russia)

SpeechPro is pleased to announce a successful deployment of the world’s first nationwide  Automatic voice identification system based on SpeechPro’s proprietary biometric platform will help Mexican law enforcement agencies to collect, manage and search the database of hundreds of thousands and later millions of voice-prints. This automatic voice identification system adds an important technological capability in Mexican government’s fight against crime. 

Voice biometric system deployed quickly identifies a speaker by comparing a voice sample to the database of the existing voice-prints.  The platform can compare short utterances recorded by various recording channels (microphone, land-line, GSM, VOIP) regardless of the gender, age, language or an accent of the speaker. Distributed computational architecture makes the system a completely scalable solution that can be easily expanded at a client’s request without any loss of reliability or efficiency.

Due to its easy to use proprietary web-based architecture the system is accessible by more than 250 local police departments in all 32 states of Mexico 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. High productivity, reliability and user-friendly interface of theplatform have been achieved through a number of breakthrough technologies, algorithms and IT innovations developed by SpeechPro’s 100 specialists strong R&D team. 

Mexico is a pioneer in voice biometrics. Local law enforcement agencies developed a strong expertise in the subject in both forensic and automatic voice-based identification. SpeechPro has been a long-term partner of Mexican law enforcement. Throughout the last 7 years almost half of Mexican states developed forensic capabilities in voice biometrics with SpeechPro technologies. Introduction of nationwide voice-based identification system  is a logical continuation of this work.

With the first successful nationwide voice-based identification system deployment voice biometrics is  expected to gain recognition of a proven identification method with the real-life track record. SpeechPro is already negotiating on a number of similar systems deployments in Latin America and other regions (Asia, Europe). Growing demand for voice biometrics in general and voice-based identification in particular signals an emergence of a new market segment with a potential to grow to a $0.5 bln industry.  

“We are excited to see a successful deployment of a world’s first voice-based identification platform in Mexico  – says Michael Khitrov , CEO of Speech Technology Center,  - It’s a landmark deployment in the voice biometric industry and the impact of this project is difficult to overestimate. 

Mexico is a pioneer in this field and we are happy to work with our Mexican colleagues, one of the most experienced groups of biometric professionals in the world.
This deployment will showcase convenience and reliability of a voice as an identifier. We expect a significant growth in the voice-based identification segment and already received several inquiries on implementation of SpeechPro voice-based paltforms in other countries.”

About SpeechPro

Founded in 1990, SpeechPro is a leading provider of cutting edge voice-based solutions in the field of speech recording, processing and analysis as well as the world leader in voice biometric identification.

With over 20 years of experience in speech technology development and 100 specialists' strong R&D team including 25 PhDs. SpeechPro headquarters are located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the company has subsidiaries in the US, Germany, and Mexico as well as a widespread distribution network with more than 60 resellers and partners all over the world.

SpeechPro's major customers include governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies using SpeechPro solutions to enable efficient forensic examination, criminal investigation and guarantee high-level audio and video surveillance and confidential data security. Among SpeechPro clients there are also large-scale companies applying SpeechPro solutions in order to ensure corporate communication process optimization, control and security.