New release of VoiceKey.PLATFORM and solutions VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD

SpeechPro released a new version of multimodal biometric authentication software complex VoiceKey.PLATFORM and solutions for remote voice identification and verification VoiceKey.AGENT 2.8 and VoiceKey.FRAUD.

The updated version of VoiceKey.PLATFORM supports the mono channel mode (speaker diarisation), which enables separating client’s and agent’s speech in real-time, simplifying further work of security specialists. Furthermore, it has improved text-independent voice biometrics in the cross-channel mode, which will allow registering and verifying on various devices with higher accuracy. In order to facilitate the work of developers, a public programming interface based on the REST-API protocol was implemented.

VoiceKey.AGENT — a solution for voice user identification for contact centers. During a call, the program compares parameters of client’s voice with the voice sample, already stored in the system. In case of verification with a low coincidence threshold, the new version will automatically compare client’s voice with recordings from the black list and immediately demonstrate the result of analysis to the operator.

VoiceKey.FRAUD enables search and identification of fraudsters both during the dialogue with an agent, and in call recordings. With the new version, import of the black list is available, as well as several new methods of data analysis: offline black list comparison and cluster construction based on identifiers or voice.

Utilizing biometric identification in call centers reduces ID confirmation time up to 50%, allowing companies to omit passwords, PINs and passphrases, and at the same time increase the level of security. The platform is scalable, language-independent and adaptable for operation in IVR, web-based and mobile applications. Its integration does not require significant changes in the business processes and allows reducing the average time of a call, as well as the number of repeated calls. 

«Solutions based on VoiceKey.PLATFORM are relevant for financial organizations, insurance and telecom companies, as well as a variety of firms that utilize remote customer services. We have been working on this release for a long time, analyzing feedback from clients who are already utilizing solutions by SpeechPro. The new version provides hi-tech security of client data and is more flexible and convenient to use. Implementation of VoiceKey.PLATFORM will simplify the process of user verification for both the company and its clients» — says the head of product development Sergei Chekhovskikh.