Findbiometrics: SpeechPro Shows Off Voice Biometrics Tech at Finovate Spring 2017

STC Group subsidiary SpeechPro is going to show off its VoiceKey biometric technology at this week’s Finovate Spring 2017 conference, the company has announced. In particular, it’s going to show off its VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD systems, which are aimed at call center applications.

The company recently announced upgrades for both systems. VoiceKey.AGENT applies voice biometrics to authenticate a caller in real time, while VoiceKey.FRAUD is designed to establish a blacklist of fraudster voices, and to immediately notify administrators when those voices are detected on calls. Additionally, STC Group recently announced an overall upgrade for the VoiceKey platform’s speaker identification capabilities allowing it to separately identify the client and agent voices in a given call.