Join SpeechPro’s dealer network to expand your company’s business and sales opportunities.

SpeechPro products and technologies are carried by over 200 partners in 74 countries. SpeechPro products are ideally suited for forensic and investigative operations in security and law enforcement, but dealers are not limited to specific vertical markets.

We are committed to equipping our dealers with the necessary tools and training to guarantee success. Our dealer program includes::

  • Hands-on product training at your location
  • A dealer model of each of the following::
  • Product brochures and PDF versions of all marketing materials
  • Listing and link on SpeechPro website
  • Providing all the information about possible customers in the dealer's territory
  • Joint marketing initiatives

For further information about becoming a SpeechPro dealer, please fill out our short questionnaire and a SpeechPro representative will get in touch shortly. Also feel free to directly with questions.


Gain access to new opportunities and unique solutions by teaming up with SpeechPro — an industry leader in speech technology and voice recognition development.

Tap the expertise of over 150 SpeechPro engineers, and benefit from high-tech products, technologies and solutions package supplements tailored to specific markets and industries. Enter into a SpeechPro developer partnership and win new market shares in specialized segments, including law enforcement, security, call centers, internet and mobile applications, medical, e-learning and automotive applications, and robotics.

SpeechPro supports developer partnerships with organizations using our DSP or SDK products to create their own applications or products incorporating SpeechPro technology. For inquiries about SpeechPro developer partnerships, please .


  • Best of Breed Technology
  • Flexible Partnering Terms
  • Practical, Cost Effective Product Pricing & Licensing
  • Co-Marketing
  • Training and Consulting Services
  • Technical support


Forensic Experts

Upgrade your forensics practice with SpeechPro technologies and support.

SpeechPro products for forensic investigation and analysis--audio recording devices, audio authentication, noise reduction and voice biometrics--are highly valued by forensic experts and practitioners in both public and private sectors. Our products help to expedite case work while delivering dependable, top quality output, from audio production to informational and evidentiary level reports.


  • Time tested and court proven technologies
  • Upgrade and maintenance support
  • Consulting assistance
  • Training, tutorials and case studies
  • Media coverage