Meet Our Partners

Dealer Partners

Stevens Solutions & Design Inc. is a design and manufacturing house that specializes in delivering both bespoke and COTS technology solutions to Defense and Law Enforcement agencies throughout North America. Our primary customers are Federal requiring Canadian Level III security clearances.

Foray Technologies is the developer of a comprehensive suite of sophisticated evidence management products that provides physical property & evidence management, digital evidence management, custom imaging, and chain of custody solutions to law enforcement professionals.

The company works exclusively with law enforcement and provides a wide range of tools for the collection, management, and processing of evidence.

AFIX Technologies, Inc. develops automated fingerprint identification systems that are to be used in crime investigation. It offers PC-based biometric ID systems; PC-based AFIS/APIS biometric ID tools for police departments; AFIX PC-based systems that allows communications with municipal systems and federal databases; and portable AFIS/APIS systems for federal agencies. The company also provides biometric ID systems for controlling and monitoring staff and visitors’ access; and corporate security. In addition, it offers military/department of defense, tribal law enforcement, and non-government organizations and social service organizations. Further, the company provides training and technical support services.

Forensic Expert Partners

Owen Forensic Services, L.L.C., maintains a state of the art facility for the purposes of digital audio enhancement, digital video enhancement, digital audio and video authenticity analysis, voice identification and media/data recovery. We provide forensic consulting, examination, expert testimony (35 different states) and a combined 50 years of experience.

Tamar Forensics (previously known as Audio Forensic Lab) offers professional audio enhancement and restoration for law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, district attorneys, defense attorneys and the general public. Our clients include various criminal and defense lawyers, The Boston Police Department, The Essex District Attorney’s Office, The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office. We specialized in Audio Enhancement, including Noise Removal, Hiss Removal, Hum Removal, Crackle/Static Removal, Playback Speed correction, Video Enhancement, Tape Authentication and Voice Identification. For more information please contact us at

Kent Gibson of has provided audio and video evidence for litigation and private use for the past 17 years.  He can enhance, restore, and authenticate recordings in any format. He is a Voice ID and Authentication specialist using SIS II software from SpeechPro. He is qualified as an Expert Witness for audio, video and music copyright, etc., and is very experienced with Certified Transcripts, Forensic Examiner Declarations, expert analysis, recreations and other litigation support. is a continuing contractor for the LA County Sheriff as an audio/video forensic specialist, and is a Certified Expert Witness on the LA Superior Court Panel. Clients include the FBI, US Secret Service, DHS, DEA, LA Superior Court, Pasadena PD, Burbank PD, LA Pub. Defender, Santa Rosa Cty, San Bernardino Cty, Santa Clara Cty, and hundreds of Private Attorneys.  Mr. Gibson works for both the Prosecution and the Defense.

Developer Partners

DataWorks Plus provides the Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice markets with top of the line products, versatile applications, and only the best customer service. From crime scene management and mugshot systems to the latest in biometric identification, DataWorks Plus develops and builds cutting-edge software and hardware for law enforcement agencies nationwide. Our team is comprised of the most experienced executives, engineering, service, and sales professionals in the business. With such a strong foundation, DataWorks Plus is the premier solution provider in the industry today.

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for industry customers and government agencies around the world. In various independent evaluation tests, our FaceVACS® software has proven to be the premier technology available on the market. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial database search, video screening, and biometric portrait capturing.

Guarded Exchange provides comprehensive communications solutions for State and Local Corrections Agencies which include integrated investigative analysis tools to accurately predict and profile characteristics of subjects and examine and analyze the content of communication methods, escalating intelligence suggesting improper or unlawful activities by offenders, staff, or civilians suspected of violating statutes, policies and/or procedures administered by statute or assigned agency. Additionally, Guarded Exchange's team of Investigative Analysts can audit the suspicious contents escalated validating the unlawful activities using a vast array of resources until a level of reasonable suspicion is founded.

ImageWare Systems is the leading provider of secure credential, biometric, law enforcement digital identity solutions in the U.S. and across the globe. These solutions cater to a variety of vertical markets including: Corporate, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, System Integrators & OEMs and Healthcare.

Strategic Alliance Partner

At Technica Corporation, our goal is to provide exceptional professional services and innovative technology solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We specialize in a wide range of advanced information technology solutions from Systems Engineering to Information Assurance, and from Software Development to Product Solutions. From our locations across the DC Metro area, we provide technological subject matter expertise, program management and business process knowledge as a trusted advisor in support of our Department of Defense and other federal agency customers.