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Voice Biometrics for Law Enforcements and Forensics

SpeechPro Voice Biometric Solutions provide top-of-the-line speaker recognition functionality, taking advantage of vast amounts of audio data made available through recording operations and recording technologies.

As with the entire VoiceGrid™ product line, voice matching is accomplished using SpeechPro/STC's exclusive processing, segmentation, feature extraction and voice biometric algorithms. SpeechPro Voice Biometric Solutions ensure the highest levels of speaker recognition accuracy and are an essential and valuable addition to investigations involving voice data or voice evidence.

Speaker Recognition Application - VoiceGrid™ X

A stand-alone application for speaker recognition in multiple files. Performs a N:N search of up to 100 target speakers in up to 10,000 records per day.

VoiceGrid™ SDK

VoiceGrid™ SDK provides the same voice biometrics tools and algorithms available within the VoiceGrid™ line, but gives business partners with development resources the opportunity to integrate voice recognition technology into their own platforms.

VoiceGrid™ LN

A single server network solution for 1:N searches, supporting a database of up to 10,000 records and up to 10 workstations. Quickly identifies or eliminates speakers by matched ranking scored by percentage of probability.

VoiceGrid RT

A sophisticated distributed solution for real-time speaker recognition in phone and other communication channels, from mobile devices and other sources. Integrates up to 10,000 target speakers into a voice database, which can be scaled up to millions of processed records per day.

VoiceGrid ID

Networked 1:N search and voice data management solution with unlimited database size and unlimited web client workstation connectivity. Distributed processing and WAN architecture designed for large city, county, state or national system deployments.