ANF II: noise cancellation device

Portable noise cancellation and audio recording device

  • Real-time and post processing
  • Nine noise cancellation filters
  • Remote control via web-interface
  • Ability to save original and processed audio
Noise filtering device ANF IINoise filtering device ANF IINoise filtering device ANF II
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Overview on noise cancellation device

ANF II portable device for noise cancellation speech signals recording is a professional audio-recording device for two channel recording, processing and playback of the speech signals. The device allows to improve the quality and intelligibility of speech signals, which were recorded by the device or uploaded to removable memory card.

In high-stress situations, such as accidents, criminal investigations and conditions where safety and security are a concern, it is important for speech to be clear and easily understandable to ensure no vital information is lost. The ANF II noise cancellation device is designed to meet the toughest tasks of speech enhancement, including real-time audio enhancement.

The ANF II noise cancellation device produces professional results while being intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring no special knowledge in digital sound processing. Adaptive noise filters yield immediate results and allow adjustments to be instantly audible. All settings and controls can be adjusted via the front panel of the device, remotely via web-interface, or from the computer via USB cable.

Filters and functions

Filters and functions of noise cancellation device

  • Broadband Noise Filter
    Smoothes suppression of noises in all bandwidths
    Low frequency rumble suppression
    Enhancement of reverberated speech
  • Harmonic Reject Filter
    Suppresses electric network frequency, phone beeps, or any other drones
  • Adaptive Equalizer
    Improves spectrum and enhances speech in the “poor” audio channel
  • 4 Parametric Equalizer
    Amplifies / weakens low and high frequencies
  • Speech Level Enhancer
    Smoothes down amplitude differences and amplifies speech of a distant speaker
  • De-Clicker
    Eliminates cracks / clicks in radio channels and old discs
  • Reference Noise Filter
    Suppresses noise in the main channel using information about the noise from the reference channel
  • V-Changer
    Changes speaker’s voice in real time and processes files


  • 9 proprietary noise processing: broadband noise filter (3 modes), harmonic reject filter, equalizer (2 modes), de-clicker, speech level enhancer, reference noise filter
  • Network interface
  • Sound input from built-in mics, line analog inputs, digital inputs, and phone lines;
  • Recording can be started / stopped manually or automatically (time schedule and voice activation)
  • Audio storage on the flash card.
  • Unlimited number of filtering presets

Technical specification

Signal sources (stereo): External microphones
Built-in microphones
Line inputs
Interfaces Analog line balanced/unbalanced inputs: XLR/TRS connector
Analog line balanced/unbalanced outputs: ¼” TRS connector
Digital input/output: Coaxial S/PDIF format RCA connector
Telephone input/output: RJ-11 connector
Headphones output: ¼” stereo TRS connector
Network: Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX
PC interface: USB 5-pin Mini
Digital filters Broadband noise filter
Harmonic reject filterv
Adaptive EQ
Parametric EQ
Speech level enhancer
Stereo filter
Voice changing filter
Input level indication two 7 LED bars
Built-in loudspeaker 1 mono
Power 4хR6 (1,5V AA)
12- 24V from external adaptor
Flash card SDHC up to 32 Gb
Dimension 7.9” W х 5.6” D х 2.6” H
Weight 2.9 lbs

Examples of cleaned audios