Denoiser Box: Real-time noise filtering

Ultra-compact real-time noise filtering and speech and audio enhancement device

Real-time noise filtering Denoiser Box
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Denoiser Box is an ultra-compact device based on STC award-winning Denoiser DSP board and designed for real-time enhancement of analog audio signal. Denoiser Box decreases overall noise level greatly improving speech signal intelligibility.


  • Police, Technical investigators, Surveillance team, Private investigators, Forensic labs and other Law Enforcement Agencies: live sound and speech quality improvement while recording or listening in field conditions.
  • Broadcasting companies: mastering of “live” interviews and reports.
  • To reach the most efficiency results it is strongly recommended to filter a signal via Denoiser Box before recording and processing.


  • Effectively decreases broadband (industrial, street, etc.) and harmonic noises and interferences. Adaptive noise filtering algorithms keep speech signal clear and undistorted
  • Removes noises from:
    • air conditioning
    • PC and office equipment
    • vacuum cleaners
    • radio channel
  • Signal bandwidth adjustable
  • Adjustable AGC (automatic gain control)


  • The maximal efficiency with the minimal unit sizes
  • On-the-fly adjustment of filtering parameters during signal input and playback

Technical characteristics

  • Noise suppression depth:
    • 0-24 dB for single-channel filtering
    • 0-40 dB for reference channel stereo filtering
  • Operation time (without battery change) – up to 14 hours
  • Signal sampling rate: 11025 Hz
  • Adjustable signal bandwidth: 200-5000 or 300-3400 Hz
  • AGC adjustment range:
    • 12 dB input
    • 6 dB output
  • Size: 110x45x113 mm
  • Weight: 360 g

Delivery set

  • Denoiser Box device with a carrying case
  • Signal input/output cables
  • External microphone
  • Non-recoverable power supply 9 V
  • AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz power supply unit
  • Cable for connecting Denoiser Box to Gnome-2M digital voice recorder (upon request)
  • 12 V power cable/ lighter plug (upon request)