Smart Caller

Automatic 24/7 notification of subscribers through IP channels and E1 trunks with time zone consideration.

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Product Library:



  • advertising of goods and services, telephone marketing
  • automatic notification of database subscribers and transferring the calls to contact center agents
  • notification of employees and customers about upcoming events
  • Emergency alert


  • TTS for voice message (Carol voice)
  • the system is controlled remotely using a web-browser of any OS
  • automatic creation of tasks based on the templates
  • automatic start of notification
  • creating tasks with personal scenarios for each subscriber
  • possibility to make up to 100 simultaneous calls


  • dynamic load balancing by telephone channels, depending on the task
  • unlimited number of notification tasks
  • creating tasks manually or automatically based on the template
  • flexible notification settings in the task template (schedule, life time, time zones);
  • sorting tasks by state and date of creation
  • adding lists of subscribers from spreadsheet files (.csv) to the notification templates
  • detailed reports with flexible filters of notification results
  • creating voice messages using microphone or imported audio file
  • English Text-To-Speech synthesis for voice messaging
  • request for re-listening the messages
  • request for the call transfer to contact center agent on the completion of the notification
  • exporting and printing reports in a spreadsheet files (.csv)
  • audio recording of subscribers notification
  • real time analysis of the system's work flow
  • the criterion of a successful warning: on-time preview the recording, a marker present in the message, the audio call has been answered;
  • importing databases into the system with spreadsheet files (.csv)
  • connecting the system directly to the network provider or joint operation with PBX Cisco, Avaya, Samsung, etc.

Technical Characteristics

  • via VoIP (SIP, H.323), and E1/T1 trunks
  • Linux CentOS server
  • Up to 120 simultaneous calls