Nestor: speech transcription system

Real-time distributed speech transcription system

Nestor: speech transcription system
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Nestor is a cutting-edge transcription (real-time and suspended) solution. The audio-signal distribution technology allows speedy, secure and reliable transcription of speeches, meetings, lectures, conferences and court proceedings. Nestor is easy to install and operate. The system’s flexibility build-in into Nestor allows easy customization for customer’s need.



  • High quality audio recording
  • Multi-channel recording of audio information from audio equipments line outputs
  • Speech transcription (shorthand) of speeches or tapes using distribution working
  • Transcription of numerous events at once
  • Multi-optional user-friendly interface
  • Possibility to mark attributes of current event before recording
  • End-to-end monitoring at the recording station
  • Graphical indication of recording speech signal


The system has a unique functionality and the following distinctive features:

  • Speed - it takes only 5 minutes from the end of a speech/event to the edited and spell-checked transcription
  • Cross-check - ability to link the final text with the corresponding audio fragment ensures maximum correctness of transcription
  • Reliability - the system is absolutely safe in case of network disconnections and power shut-downs
  • Easy to use – convenient Word environment

Technical characteristics

  • Digital recording through 8 mono channels or 4 stereo channels from one sound card
  • Acoustic and visual quality control
  • Automatic transfer of fragments between operators and editors. The length of the fragments is adjustable to the typist’s comfort
  • Automatic assembly of the fragments into a single document
  • Audio-text file as a final result, where clicking on a particular text fragment brings the corresponding audio
  • Based on MS Word editor
  • Automatic spell-check
  • Playback advanced options (loop, fastening/slowing without audio distortion)
  • Foot pedal for playback control
  • Text messages exchange between typists and message history
  • Different fragment dispatching strategies (manual capturing, automatic dispatching)
  • Audio and text archiving on the server
  • Wealth of project statistics
  • Comments to each project “name”, “place”
  • Final document revision with simultaneous playback of the corresponding audio fragments
  • Hardware and software recording station and server back-up

Brief description of the complex

Audio signal coming into the system is recorded into the hard disc. Then it is divided into fragments and distributed between any given number typists for actual transcription. The text fragments are automatically assembled in the single audio-text document which can be saved and printed out.

  • Specialized working stations (SWS)
    • SWS «Server»
    • SWS «Recording station»
  • Automated working stations (AWS)
    • AWS «Recording manager»
    • AWS «Administrator»
    • AWS «Typist» (Editor and Operator)
    • AWS «Software import module» (Software module in charge sound file into the server)

Video recording (upon request)

  • Provides all functionality of basic Nestor system
  • Synchronous recording of several audio channels and video
  • High quality of audio and video:
    • 704x576 resolution
    • 25 fps
    • on-board video compression
    • H.264 codec (similar to MPEG4 part 10)
  • Provides audiovisual archive of event
  • Provides mixed media disks with protocols of an event
  • Remote control from the conference hall
  • Several working stations can be placed at one PC