Smart Logger BOX: Standalone Audio Recorder

This efficient and reliable solution for phone call and microphone audio recording is perfect for both small enterprises and entities with multiple branches.

Smart Logger BOX  (STC-H606.XX)
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Smart Logger BOX is a standalone Plug&Play audio recorder. It requires neither supplementary software installation nor complicated configuration. It is a powerful multichannel audio recording tool in a small case.

Sophisticated design, state-of-art hardware and web-based user interface, advanced features and extended functionality make this product perfect for solving various tasks and challenges.

Diverse Smart Logger BOX product line includes more than 20 solution versions based on recording source type (analog and digital lines, microphones, radio stations, hardware audio outputs and E1 trunks), number of recording channels and functionality.

A wide range of standalone audio recorders Smart Logger BOX

Smart Logger BOX features a cross-platform multi-user HTTPS access, 500GB hard drive, silent operation and no supplementary software installation. It is a reliable and powerful solution for multiple purposes, from quality control to data security.


Smart Logger BOX Multi-channel Audio Recorder Operates All Signal Sources:

  • Analog lines (FXO/FXS)
  • Microphones (+12V/+60V phantom power)
  • Radio station / hardware audio outputs
  • Digital lines
  • Е1 (EDSS, R2)
  • Semi-digital lines

Smart Logger BOX can be integrated into an audio recording network with a shared repository: Smart Logger BOX + Smart Logger II

Smart Logger BOX Features a User-friendly Web Interface

  • No supplementary software required
  • Multiuser HTTPS login/password access
  • Real-time channel monitoring
  • Hourly activity visual representation
  • Context-based search
  • Recording export
  • Recording channel adjustment
  • User access right configuration
  • User action logging

Smart Logger BOX interface


STC-H656 LCD Screen and Manual Control Device Version:
No PC Needed for Operation

  • Real-time recording playback and channel adjustment through headphones
  • Manual control


HDD: 500 GB

HDD Continuous recording (without overwriting existing recordings) depends on a source type (G.711 codec), days*
Analog line* Digital line* Е1*
500Gb Up to 90 Up to 45 Up to 12

* With 30% average line load, real recording time with no recording over lasts 3-4 times longer

Smart Logger BOX Advantages

  • Silent operation
  • Small size
  • PoE
  • Remote firmware update
  • User-friendliness
  • Status Monitor software for recorder network monitoring
  • USB 2.0 for 3G, WiFi
  • HTTPS / FTP(S) access
  • Virus-safe (Linux web server)
  • Low power consumption: up to 12W
  • HDD removable modifications

HDD Removable Device Versions

These versions enable quick HDD replacement; there is no need to unmount the device.

This significantly extends Smart Logger BOX functionality and increases the number of use cases.


HDD Removable Device Versions  HDD Removable Device Versions

Removable HDD on a rack is secured with screws and a seal


Smart Logger BOX Portable (STC-H605.XX)

Smart Logger BOX Portable (STC-H605.XX)

Size: (111x175x45)

Basic Configuration Signal Source Type РоЕ Support РоЕ Support, Phantom Power
60V and Electronic Switching
8 analog sources STC-H605-12 STC-H605-02
6 digital lines STC-H605-13 STC-H605-03
STC-H605-34/1 1 digital Е1 STC-H605-14/1  STC-H605-04/1
2 digital Е1 STC-H605-14 STC-H605-04
Smart Logger BOX Tabletop (STC-H606.XX)

Smart Logger BOX Tabletop (STC-H606.XX)

Size: (172х187x55)

Basic Configuration Signal Source Type РоЕ Support РоЕ Support, Phantom Power
60V and Electronic Switching
STC-H606-104 16 analogue sources STC-H606-24 STC-H606-04
STC-H606-105/2 8 analogue sources + 2 digital lines STC-H606-25/2 STC-H606-05/2
STC-H606-105 8 analogue sources + 6 digital lines STC-H606-25 STC-H606-05
STC-H606-108 12 digital lines STC-H606-28
STC-H606-111/1 8 analogue sources + 1 digital Е1 STC-H606-31/1 STC-H606-11/1
STC-H606-113/1 6 digital lines + 1 digital Е1 STC-H606-33/1
STC-H606-113 6 digital lines + 2 digital Е1 STC-H606-33
Smart Logger BOX Tabletop Modification Featuring LCD Screen and Manual Control (STC-H656.XX)

Smart Logger BOX Tabletop Modification Featuring LCD Screen and Manual Control (STC-H656.XX)

Size: (172х187x55)

Basic Configuration Signal Source Type РоЕ Support РоЕ Support, Phantom Power
60V and Electronic Switching
STC-H656-144 16 analog sources STC-H656-64 STC-H656-44
STC-H656-145/2 8 analog sources + 2 digital lines STC-H656-65/2 STC-H656-45/2
STC-H656-145 8 analog sources аналоговых + 6 digital lines STC-H656-65 STC-H656-45
STC-H656-148 12 digital lines STC-H656-68
STC-H656-151/1 8 analog sources + 1 digital Е1 STC-H656-71/1 STC-H656-51/1
STC-H656-153/1 6 digital lines + 1 digital Е1 STC-H656-73/1
STC-H656-153 6 digital lines + 2 digital Е1 STC-H656-73


Status Monitor Software

Device condition monitoring is essential for stable recorder operation in a network. Status Monitor software is perfect for solving this task. It allows you to monitor current condition of multiple recorders via web-based interface as well as key parameter online status (channel and device operation activity, HHD and device free space, etc.).

Status Monitor


  • Channel and device condition monitoring
  • Audiovisual failure notification  
  • Quick device adding option for monitoring via interface
  • Device integration
  • Demo mode for integrated device successive monitoring  

SmalLogger Connector Software

SmalLogger Connector is a tool for centralized recording access, recording backup and processing. It enables recording storage and processing (Smart Logger II) repository with multi-user access. 


  • Centralized data collection and storage
  • Long-term storage of large amount of data 
  • Efficient data search
  • Report generation
  • Flexible access right restriction
  • External source data import for further processing
  • Recording export to external media