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Speaker Recognition for Commercial Applications

SpeechPro’s state-of-the-art speaker recognition technology proved its excellence in law enforcements all over the world. As the problem of identity theft and fraud is acute for the last decade SpeechPro’s speaker recognition technology can be applied to fight against it. The SpeechPro’s core speaker recognition product to satisfy the commercial market requirements is VoiceKey.

Combination of voice and face authentication brings enhanced security and ease of authentication to billions of smartphone users. Traditional biometric modalities (fingerprints, iris), require additional hardware (scanners) to be used in a mobile environment. SpeechPro removes these barriers with multimodal OnePass, which can be applied on any smartphone.

Customers are demanding easier, faster, less cumbersome ways to authenticate access to critical financial, healthcare, and e-Commerce information. IT and security departments are requiring stronger, more complicated authentication methods to prevent fraud and abuse.

Complex passwords or cumbersome dongles are now obsolete. Biometric technology offers a secure and user friendly solution to authenticate online. The combination of voice verification and facial recognition guarantees high accuracy of authentication with a simple interface that utilizes hardware readily available on every smartphone and laptop.

VoiceKey.IVR allows fast and reliable automatic customer verification via IVR without the need for contact center operators. It is an effective solution that lowers the workload for operators and reduces the cost of handling incoming calls.


VoiceKey.FRAUD is a specialized solution for company security built on unique, patent-pending voice biometric technologies that search for and identify fraudsters among customers calling in to contact centers.

VoiceKey.SRV, a state-of-the-art voice biometric decision engine.

VoiceKey.PassReset, a secure, reliable and easy to use solution for restoring forgotten passwords.