VoiceKey.FRAUD: Contact center solution for guaranteed fraud detection

VoiceKey.FRAUD is a specialized solution for company security built on unique, patent-pending voice biometric technologies that search for and identify fraudsters among customers calling in to contact centers.

Traditional user verification technologies are cumbersome and don't provide guaranteed results. They rely on personal information (passwords, access codes, security questions, etc.) that can be easily stolen by fraudsters and used for their own purposes. Companies and customers need more reliable protection.

With traditional methods, call center agents are limited to asking security questions and matching caller voice to client gender and age data. It is extremely difficult for them to ascertain whether they are speaking to actual clients or fraudsters. Caller verification by voice, on the other hand, is a reliable validation method, as every person's voice is unique and cannot be stolen or forged.

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Maximum simplicity for customers

VoiceKey.FRAUD automatically detects fraudulent voices in incoming calls made to call centers and immediately notifies the operator and security services to take action. This approach protects both the organization and customers, saving them from the cost of fraud, as well as reducing the cost of processing recorded conversations by security service employees.


  • Security – instantly notifies both operator and security services when a fraudster is detected
  • Efficiency – verification process takes just a few seconds
  • Flexibility – adaptable for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Versatility – can be integrated with other VoiceKey solutions and with SpeechPro's multichannel recording systems
  • Scalability – affordable for small contact centers; effective for contact centers with thousands of agents

How does VoiceKey.FRAUD work?

  • During every call, the user verification process starts as soon as the client starts talking to the call center operator. VoiceKey.FRAUD works imperceptibly in the background, collecting caller voice data.
  • This data is transferred to the server for processing and compared with a voice sample "black list" already stored in the system.
  • Verification results are displayed on the operator’s screen.
  • In the event of a high probability match, a notification is sent immediately to the company's security service.