VoiceKey.ONEPASS: Bimodal biometric authentication for mobile platforms

Combination of voice and face authentication brings enhanced security and ease of authentication to billions of smartphone users. Traditional biometric modalities (fingerprints, iris), require additional hardware (scanners) to be used in a mobile environment. SpeechPro removes these barriers with multimodal OnePass, which can be applied on any smartphone.

Product Library:





VoiceKey.ONEPASS offers unparalleled mobile biometric security solutions:


  • Authentication: Triple biometric authentication reduces risk of fraud or misuse
  • Identity Security: User information retained in your secure Enterprise environment
  • Ubiquity: Andriod & IOS supported. Standard smartphone microphones and cameras collect sufficient biometric data.

Liveness Detection

  • Ensures a photograph or voice recording can not be used for authentication
  • Voice and facial liveness detection
  • Prompts for random passphrase for voice authentication

Ease of Use:

  • 30 second registration
  • Handsfee authentication
  • 5 second verification
Speaker Authentication Facial Recognition Liveness Detection