VoiceKey.PassReset: Voice biometric password reset solution

VoiceKey.PassReset, a secure, reliable and easy to use solution for restoring forgotten passwords.

When a my voice is my password user encounters authorization difficulties in accessing any password protected online service, he or she clicks on voice pass reset link and VoiceKey.PassReset places a call to the user's cell phone and automatically asks him or her to say key passphrase “I want to restore my password” and his name.

Using precision voice biometric algorithms, the VoiceKey.PassReset system runs a verification test and sends the user his or her new password. The system runs automatically without the participation of help desk staff.

VoiceKey.PassReset: Voice biometric password reset solution


Adds service value and security to:

  • on-line banking
  • social networking sites
  • on-line services


  • the password reset process is fully automated, lowering help desk workloads
  • the password reset method is simple, intuitive and does not require any additional information (names of childhood friends or pets)
  • VoiceKey.PassReset increases password reset security – the system places a call to the user, which verifies that the user intended to reset his or her password, then the system asks the user to say a phrase, which verifies that the phone is in the owner's hands
  • VoiceKey.PassReset makes online services more attractive –making it easier and faster for users to gain access
  • VoiceKey.PassReset can be used with any on-line service that requires user authorization


  • VoiceKey.PassReset automatically places a call to the user
  • Users can reset their passwords by calling a single, toll-free number
  • Web integration: login page hosts a clickable icon that initiates the password reset procedure
  • Deployable as an on-site or a cloud-based solution
  • Both text-dependent and text-independent scenarios in a single solution
  • Liveness detection