VoiceKey.SRV: Feature-rich server-based voice biometric solution for the Enterprise customers

VoiceKey.SRV, a state-of-the-art voice biometric decision engine.

Voice biometric authentication is becoming a mainstream technology in the Enterprise. It enables easy, secure authentication to cloud-based services, mobile and web-based applications. VoiceKey.SRV is designed specifically for system integrators and developers for integration to third-party systems in Enterprise environments. VoiceKey.SRV can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

VoiceKey.SRV: Feature-rich server-based voice biometric solution for the Enterpr


  • The state-of-the-art voice biometric decision engine is the result of years of research.
  • EER: as low as 0.5%: tested and proved in labs and in real-life projects.
  • Simple and convenient API allowing quick integration into the third-party systems
  • Cross-platform solution (Windows/Linux) supporting multiple programming languages
  • Multiple voiceprints of the same phrase by one speaker
  • Liveness detection based on the application of the dynamic passphrase
  • Signal quality check of the audio-recordings during the enrollment and verification
  • No specific requirements to microphones
  • Match configurations: 1:1, or 1:N (few voiceprints of the same speaker)
  • Input types: phrases, numbers
  • Fully language and text independent
  • Decision algorithms
  • Advanced audio pre-processing and filtering

The proprietary text-dependent voice biometric algorithms allow:

  • Voice verification by a static passphrase: the user is enrolled and authenticated with the same passphrase.
  • Verification by a dynamic passphrase: the user is enrolled with the combination of words (numbers or phrases). At the verification point of the user is prompted to repeat the same words randomly

Advantages of voice biometric authentication:

Voice authentication technology is a task where the biometric system attempts to confirm the claimed identity by matching a submitted recording (voice sample) against one or more previously enrolled voiceprints (of the same person/individual).

  • Easy to use and acceptable by customers
  • Lower cost (no hardware needed for end-users)
  • Remote authentication supported (web, mobile)


  • Software developers
  • System intergators
  • Social networking and online-services


  • Liveness detection
  • Continuous ID check (in-call monitoring)
  • Watchlist (fraud detection)
  • Emotional state detection
  • Multi-modal biometric solution