Training and Consulting in Audio Processing and Analysis

SpeechPro’s expert team provides training and consulting to forensic practitioners and audio specialists in speech and signal processing, noise suppression, text decoding, audio authentication and voice examination.


We offer training and consulting to groups and individuals in courses, themed seminars and on-site training. Training is available at a range of user levels, from introductory to advanced, offering a convenient way of building and maintaining expertise. Our training approach mixes theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, always emphasizing the relationship between our software products and everyday challenges.


Special sessions are regularly offered to professionals and partners, including:

  • expert seminars on speech enhancement and forensic audio techniques
  • distributors meetings, providing technical and marketing advice on speech technologies for commercial and security use

SpeechPro consulting is provided by professional audio analysts with both practical and scientific expertise in acoustics analysis or speech-related disciplines.