Information and data security

Speechpro solutions eliminate unauthorized access to corporate information and guarantee that data is secure.


Data Security Systems

As corporate information vulnerabilities usually result in high cleanup and recovery costs, it’s crucial to implement preventive measures to protect company data.


Data Security Solutions


Call Recording

Doing business over the phone is part of everyday business communication. This makes phone calls especially vulnerable to information leaks.

Call recording, carried out uninterrupted and unconcealed, is the most powerful instrument in preventing information leaks. SmartLogger II, Speechpro’s universal call recording and monitoring system, remembers every word.

Automatic Audio Analysis

While a company can record all of its phone communications, it can’t analyze all of the recorded data.

SmartLogger II features automatic call analysis tools that look for keywords and suspicious speech fragments, identifying recordings for immediate analysis. 

Data Access through Voice Biometrics

Data access management systems erect a technical shield between valuable corporate data and unscrupulous competitors or otherwise unauthorized persons.

VoiceKey™ voice biometric verification technology gives data access to authorized individuals only as per specific duties and functions.

Leak prevention

Knowing that conversations are recorded and analyzed guarantees responsibility and sensitivity among staff when exchanging information over the phone.

The keyword detection system automatically identifies vulnerable areas in information security.

Biometric verification based on individual physiological characteristics provides the highest possible protection for corporate data.

Leak response

SmartLogger II’s audio log serves as evidence in the event of an investigation.

Automatic keyword detection is enhanced by building on data from confirmed vulnerabilities.

Persons responsible for information vulnerabilities are precisely identified.