Securing Your Premises

Speechpro solutions help prevent unauthorized access to company premises, protecting your company’s most valuable assets.



Securing Your Premises


Notification through Multiple Channels

After a security breach is detected and confirmed, owners and security professionals need to be informed immediately. The Rupor™ public announcement system combines advanced speech technologies and up-to-the-minute data transmission systems to issue automatic operational alerts.

Physical Access through Voice Biometric Verification

VoiceKey’s voice biometric verification solves the complex task of managing physical access. VoiceKey uses personal identification to guard against unauthorized entry.

Emergency response

Owners and security professionals are alerted simultaneously through multiple channels (voice messaging, text messaging, public announcement, etc.), distributing alerts faster by reducing the information transmission chain.

Premises are under surveillance 24/7. VoiceKey voice biometric verification strengthens your security system by preventing unauthorized entry when persons are identified as “unknown.”